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The community of coaches is so strong with DS Mastery. I personally have been able to tap into the skill set of one of the best coaches, Jerome Basilio. The information I have gathered from him has been crucial to my success with dropshipping. He’s helped me go from student to becoming a coach myself.

Steven Burrell
E-commerce Coach

Jerome has always been there when I needed him! He has helped me with everything I needed whenever I texted him or called him! He’s got some major tips that the averts coach won’t tell you

Javico Valdivieso

Hi guys, just wanted to let you guys know If you need help please ask Jerome. He’s killing it in Ebay dropshipping, honestly mastered the business and has tons of knowledge. He was one of my go to’s and made a huge impact on my progression and results. When it comes to drop shipping I personally think he’s one of the few masterminds in the business.
He’s been a great coach and recommend some of you starting out to reach out to him.!

Romero Pablo

I would like to thank Jerome Basilio for everything he has taught me in e commerce. His teaching is easy to understand and can make you a lot of money with his hacks. He is very knowledgeable and cut a lot of learning curves. He gives me every information I need and always helps me when I need help with my problems. Jerome is a great teacher and friend. Very positive and funny dude. He is a coach you want in your corner. Makes me feel better to have him in my corner knowing I’ll bank mad cash with him. Hands down one of the top e commerce teachers out there.
Eric Salvador

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