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Ecommerce Investment: Simplified for Your Comfort

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of heavy baggage that comes with an industry as diverse and dynamic as ecommerce. There’s forming relationships with supply chains, the hassles of marketing, and a ton of other things. Here’s a question: why get side-tracked by all of these, if you can just let professionals like us handle your ecommerce marketplace business? All you’d need to do is check out the analysis of our research, give the greenlight on inventory purchases, and sow the rewards!

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About Us

Want to leverage a +16 year-old experience and knowledge in ecommerce without jumping through hoops? We’re here for you! Our founder, the people we work with, and our professional staff are all seasoned veterans in B2B sales, wholesale B2C, marketing, and all the ins-and-outs of ecommerce! We’ve produced multimillions in sales, and as ecommerce grows, we grow right along with it!
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Infrastructure Built to Dominate

Ecommerce Wealth Management

With the infrastructure which we bring to the table, not many businesses will be able to compete! Ready-made connections and infrastructures which you can leverage for your business! Just ask our investors! We can help you launch on platforms and marketplaces beyond your imagination!

As your business grows, and trust us, we will help it grow, you will need decent management when it comes to the revenue you generate! A lot of novice ecommerce sellers, and even veterans, will play with fire when it comes to wealth management, and they will end up damaging their businesses. Not on our watch! With our wealth management system, everything will be smoothly taken care of!

An innovative approach to financial planning and investing

We offer wholesale management services for Amazon and Walmart. We stay away from dropshipping, but if you need consultation for any sort of management services and you’re an aspiring ecommerce seller looking for management service consultation, we’re the go-to guys!

Fulfilment Options
Before sending out products to marketplace fulfillment centers, we send them to third-party prep companies. If things are done through Amazon, the FBA model expedites the process of storing and shipping the products directly to end users. If Walmart is your choice, then the WMS, or Walmart Fulfillment Service, will do the exact same thing that FBA does for end users.
We’re all about doing things by the book, and we assure you that whatever we do is 100% legal, and falls in line with all marketplace terms of service and policies. Whatever inventory we acquire comes through authorized supply chains, complete with necessary documents and letters of authorization. We stay away from unauthorized, sketchy-looking supply chains, and we keep track of whatever we do. We want to make sure that your investment is protected at all times.
Our peers know us for our dedication and firewalls such as reinstatement services, legal advisors, and the ability to work through delicate and sensitive cases. Our investors will vouch for our pioneering systemized tactical advantages which they have leveraged for their stores. The reason behind our success lies in the fact we offer solutions that are unique to us alone. We know brands, and we know how to approach them. Work with us, let us do our research, and grow your business alongside us!
Pioneers of Multimarket Management

Multimarket Management Service

Streamline Onboarding Process
Onboarding Process
We want to make sure that your store is successful. Even if you’ve already invested in another management company, we’ll onboard you through our Multimarket Account Isolation process, which will make sure you don’t come across a “linked suspension.” Our staff will acquire suppliers for international brands so your store can hit the ground running as soon as your onboarding process is done.
Leading Experts
There’s a lot to do before actually ordering products: forming relationships with supply chains and negotiating with them for better deals. Luckily for you, our hand-picked staff can handle that process, and much more: from Amazon Account Health assessment, to inventory management, sales, and everything in between. We’ve got many stores on our hands that are prepared for sale to digital exit brokers. On top of that, our 16 year-old experience speaks for itself!
Battle Tested with Proven Results
Whatever strategy we bring to the table has gone through trial and error, producing results that are as proven as they come. The thing about wholesale is that it is slow and steady when it comes to income generation. That’s why we shoot for 10-35% profit margin per product. The testament to the fruit of our hard labor lies in our investors, who have stores with well over $1.5 million sales after partnering up with us!
Investor Contract
For management, the investor is required to make a one-time upfront purchase to set up a contract with our company.
For purchasing and restocking inventory, the investor must provide capital through credit or wire transfer.
Long Term Commitment
We value and strive to work with investors who are serious in committing to a long-term working relationship with our business.
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