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Meet Jerome Basilio & the Basilio Inc team, check out our brand’s philosophy, and learn more about how we can help 

Jerome Basilio

Hello guys/gals I’m the Founder of Basilio Inc & I’d like to thank you for checking out our site! We appreciate your continued support whether if you are checking out our free content on our social media or being apart of our cutting edge services, software, and all the special things we do.

People often ask me what is my secret in what we’ve built here? It’s very simple, we want to produce high quality products, services at peak perfection. Everything starts with the philosophy of our built out, from the foundations of the business structure, the culture within our staff force & this is partially spiritual & many more.



At Basilio Inc you will find the resources you need to build a successful business and a well balanced lifestyle. We have managed and have ran our own ecommerce stores that generate over $40 million in yearly revenue.  We are constantly innovating, creating new software that will push our skillsets at the forefront of our management services. We then take what experiences we’ve accumulated, and create trainings for monthly content, provide premium trainings, live events and provide a high level mastermind for those interested in becoming professional commerce sellers.



For business owners that is aspiring to become a professional within their space, seeking in depth training on how to grow and scale their business, we offer premium training on all the most important subjects: Google SEO advertising, Facebook Advertising, email marketing, Amazon Sponsored Ads – Product Launches, Creating Ad Copys, Youtube Content Creation and Advertisement, creating and rebranding your product lines, talking to suppliers & negotiations, hiring staff and teaching them to be self sufficient, product management, starting a profitable Amazon business, and more. We strive to provide the most relevant and valuable information in a format that is easy to understand, with an expert support to help you reach your goals.



We provide free content via weekly blog post, podcast, emails, youtube content that will help you develop every facet of your business: The most effective tactics and strategies for increasing profit is to establish a healthy and productive work work habits, building a strong relationship with your team, business partners and love ones. It is also your responsibility to take a look at what is happening within the industry, to understand weaknesses where your company can capitalize, share and help others grow.


If you’re looking to build valuable relationships in the ecommerce community, and want access to the best information from other leaders in the industry, come to one of our live events. Every year, we host Ecommerce Live Training for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to get away from their routine, focus on growing their business and have a great time. We also put on two live events a year for our high-level mastermind.



For high earning store owners who really want to take their business on the next stage of their career, we have our top-level network, Ecommerce Mastermind. This membership provides 2 live events a year, 2 mastermind calls a month where we focus on implementation and your growth, an exclusive Facebook group, and a member – led “Round Table” every 6 weeks where we dive into a specific topic and really tap into our collective knowledge and experiences.

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