For over a decade, Jerome has been active in the ecommerce industry, and has gained a lot of experience in marketplace facilitators like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Earlier than most, he saw the potential of ecommerce and how the industry was destined to be a gold mine for the select few who could tap into its true potential. But he also realized the possible negative aspects of ecommerce, and saw many of his fellow entrepreneurs struggle, with a few completely losing their businesses owing to lack of experience, or making the wrong moves.

He himself took hits here and there. But, instead of disappearing into a corner like so many others, he bounced back with more experience, and with lessons learned. He also returned with a plan. And that plan was to assist those who are willing to enter the ecommerce industry.

Gathering a talented group of like-minded individuals around him, Jerome began helping prospective business owners launch their online businesses, and today, many of them attribute their success directly to Jerome and his team. For Jerome, seeing the satisfaction of his clients is the epitome of success. He learned the hard way, so he could help others have an easier climb toward success. And from that point on, this has been his life mission, as well as his team’s.