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Strategies Implemented by Other Professional Sellers from our Consultation and Management Service.
Tested and Proven to Work in the Real World.

Since I invested in Basilio, I made profits I could never make on my own! Heck, even my buddies made profit beyond their imagination. Definitely would recommend to anyone willing to invest in business!

Terrell McCray

If you want your ecommerce business managed, don't even consider anyone else other than Jerome! Seriously, it's the best decision I ever made.

Kenneth Henry

Jerome's business is the next ecommerce boom. Not much we can say besides that!

Min Lazo

I needed to invest in a business that I knew would scale. Jerome and his team showed me the right way, and I can't see anyone else guiding me through the process."

Paul Duran

It's ridiculous how good these guys are! There's no comparison! And besides that, they're great people who really care about your business.

Lauren Curtis

You know that missing link which can take you to the next level? Well, these guys are it, and ten times more! I'm beyond speechless...so is my business partner. He's glad we did this with Jerome."

Matthew Treiber

My wife and I were looking to expand our business to the next level, and fate just put Jerome on our path. The rest is history!

Catherine Otero

My wife and I were looking to expand our business to the next level, and fate just put Jerome on our path. The rest is history!

RIchard Rowley

It took a lot of convincing to get my partner to shoot for Jerome's management services. But now she wouldn't trade it for anything else. And neither would I

Carlos Nelson

We had a major problem with our business where it would of not only damaged our store's reputation, but we were so behind on orders during Q4, that if anymore orders kept on stacking up we would of lost our account and worst. Jerome Basilio came in when I least expected it and shared some of his insight and that was the key piece to not only polishing my business but our success. We did almost 100k in revenue yesterday, and all information you've given me will be kept a secret.

Chris Potter
Wholesale Consultant

Whenever we're struggling with extremely difficult cases with our management services we go to Jerome Basilio's team.

Rexx Cummings
Owner of Automation Kings

There's no one in the world more thankful to have Jerome Basilio in my business than me. There isn't anyone in the same situation in the world with the same problems within my business as me, my situation was unique. No one literally had the ability to diagnose the problem and formulated the scenario and fix what's happening to my business.

Matt Gambrell
Owner of Appeals & Amazon Assassins

Thanks Jerome and co! Keep dominating the ecommerce marketplace!

James Hernandez

Top-level OGs right here, I'm totally blown away by all of this.

Vivian Pate

This is unbelievable. After getting set up with Jerome and his team, my business skyrocketed beyond what I thought it would!

Raymond Phillips

Jerome's business is the next ecommerce boom. Not much we can say besides that!

Holly Schneider

We got to work with Jerome a year ago, and our business has done nothing but scale ever since then.

Cynthia Murphy

Jerome's business was the best investment I ever made. It was exactly what our business was missing. I am really satisfied with the choice I made!

Ethel Horvath

A fact is a fact: without proper management, your business is pretty much dead. But with Jerome's management skills, it becomes invincible

William Dickerson

I wasn't even going to post a review because your reputation already says it all. But, anyway: you guys rock and that's that!

George Burton

I had no idea I could scale this big. It almost seemed impossible. But Jerome made it happen, and I'm grateful for it every single day.

Tim Gerlach

Any cutting edge management solutions you can think of, Jerome has already thought it through.  What's more is that his willing to share all the way with you. The same thing he did with me and my business.

Mike Reyes

One of the biggest risk with selling on Amazon is suspensions. When working with us you will have access to one of the best within the industry in selling and reinstatements. Jerome Basilio is one of the most knowledgable practitioners in the industry.He's one of the reasons why our management company has been successful, honestly that's why we're here providing one of the best services within the industry.

Jaime Bejar
Management Company

Out of all the people I've come across in this space over the years you're about the only one with original shit. It's actually nice to see at least one other person in this space who has some originality

Jason Oneil
Owner of Ecommerce Solution

Thanks for your time man. I know time is money so it means a lot to me that you went out of your to help me without asking for a dime. It shows how genuine of a person you are. I hope this can turn into future relationship and I can work with you, would love to have you as a mentor.

Ryan Augustine
Owner of Client Catchers

Starting a business is tough, and you definitely need someone like Jerome to walk you through things. I did, and I haven't looked back!"

Mary Pritchard

We don't know how they do it, but it's the perfect thing for our business!

Christine Buchheit

Jerome's business is both attractive to investors and highly adaptable. I am blown away. If you want real genius that boosts your business, these guys got you covered.

Brenda Sipple

Investing in Jerome's company has really helped our business. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Anything besides this would be too much!

Pablo Johnston

We thought working with Jerome would be like putting all eggs in one basket. Turns out it's a pretty big basket and his team are great at managing eggs!

Wesley Hiller

See? This is professionalism right here! This is what sets these guys apart from all the other wannabe "gurus" out there.

Reatha Wright

Not a lot of people are willing to stick up their neck for your business. But Jerome and his people are not like that. They really, really pulled through for us!

Marc Mancuso

Let's get one thing straight: other management companies ain't got nothing compared to what Jerome and his guys do. Don't believe me? Give them a shot!

Dan Buchanan

If you want to learn from the best in the industry, you've come to the right place. Jerome is our go to consultant for anything that involves selling within Amazon and Walmart. He always have the answers for the most difficult scenarios and always has the most clear pathway solution. If you want to fix your ecommerce business, reinstate your account, or anything related to providing the best infrastructure within the industry message Jerome right now. You won't regret it.

Roman Cresto
Owner of Ecom Empiree

The best team in the industry no doubt. Our reinstatement was super fast. Extremely grateful to have Jerome's team helping our management business.

Manuel Campos
Owner of A2Z Automation Group

I want to say thank you Jerome Basilio for being a guide to my career. If it wasn't your influence I wouldn't have my career opened up in this industry. Every time we have a conversation it was if I was being given the keys to something extraordinary. Jerome Basilio is pretty much a loophole god... typically after a conversation I would go out to experiment and immediately we'd have an insane amount of traffic and sales. I appreciate everything you've done for me.

Mathew Smith
eBay and Amazon Seller
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